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Maleficent Minipack
Maleficent is an evil fairy and the main antagonist of Disney's 1959 animated feature film Sleeping Beauty. Maleficent returns as the main and nominal protagonist in a new film dubbed 'Maleficent' telling the story from her point of view. You too can own this costume along with the new re-modeled Princess Aurora costume featured in the Maleficent Minipack.
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Stay Sexy, My Friends
Craftworld's costume creation is an expressive medium, whether you're a simplistic Susan or a complex Charles. A plethora of unique apparel awaits you before your very button eyes to make you a completely different Sackperson to any other Sackperson in the universe - so suit up, show off and stand out.
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Super Magical Changes
Game Updates are the magical tiny and sometimes hefty downloads that alter the version of your game. These updates may provide your game with additional content or fixes for things that may be broken or out of order. Your game will auto detect these updates and download them from the PlayStation® Servers straight to your console. If you're a PlayStation® Plus subscriber, these updates can also be downloaded and then installed while you sleep!
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Canny Creator Curators
Telling a story is difficult. Making a story up from scratch is even more difficult. Making your story sound professional, well, that’s the killer here. If you want your level to flow and you don’t want your players aimlessly navigating obstacles with less meaning in the world than a forty-something man going through his midlife and existential crisis, then you’ll need to make a story to accompany your events.
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Keeping Things Hip
Much like a cunning modern trend like the exponential sales of iOS devices and the tendency of hipsters to screw themselves over with pointless doodads which make them feel part of a minority when really their minorities make them part of a huge majority, a rising star emerges from the very edge of the universe, hurtling towards earth at incomprehensible speeds. This is LittleBigPlanet, the inner egos of the maniacs of Media Molecule.
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Papercraft and Beyond
What isn't there to say about Media Molecule? They're a fabulous team of innovative virtuosi whose main focus is to bring brilliantly-crafted games to the world from their very minds, to their fingertips, then some kind of indescribable process of filtering the dreams to our eyes, and then they settle within our hearts. Aw. Their amazingly talented crack team of genii push boundaries in creative games and manage to settle for something that nobody else has seen before!
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Long-Time Classic
LittleBigPlanet manages to mature with age, much like fine wines and cheese. For a good few years, the threaded adventure has been nothing but adored by fanatics and critics alike. There's really no misunderstanding, then, as to why folk love the series of games with a tacit, passionate flambé.
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LittleBigJourney Studio
LittleBigJourney is a collection of the masterworks that inhibit the Craftworld, piece by piece, making a stunning archive of the greatest feats that the manic and mysterious minds behind the frivolous and fancy franchise have to offer, while we take the backseat and offer satirical opinions of; and factual takes on; the pulsating, circulating news, fresh from the ovens of the one and only LittleBigPlanet.
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